Ha Noi Jeep Tours (Food, Culture, Sight, Fun)

Discover Ha Noi in Style with Ha Noi Jeep Tours. It’s just like Venice’s gondolas, Paris’s 2CVS, and Rome’s Fiats. In Ha Noi, we have Viet Nam People’s Army legendary Jeep - Uaz469 from the Soviet Era.
If you want to explore the real Ha Noi in a unique and exciting way, then you must try Ha Noi Jeep Tours. This tour is not like your usual air - conditioned car ride as it allows you to experience the sights, smells, & tastes of Ha Noi up close and personal. Ha Noi Jeep Tours offers a one - of - a - kind adventure that lets you see the capital city’s highlights in a Viet Nam People’s Army legendary Jeep - Uaz469 from the Soviet Era.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tour as our driver and expert guide takes you around Ha Noi’s hidden gems, the good, the bad, and the weird sides of the city. You’ll get to experience the best food that Ha Noi has to offer and explore places you never knew existed.
Take a break from monotony and add a new dimension to your Ha Noi experience with Ha Noi Jeep Tours. Book your tour today and enjoy the ride!
Morning Tour: 08:00 - 12:30 (Lunch at the end)
Afternoon Tour: 12:30 - 17:00 (Lunch at the beginning)
Sunset & Night Tour: 17:00 - 21:30 (Dinner around 19:30)
Private Tour: at any time
Duration: 4.5 hours
Group Tour size: Min: 1 & Max: 6 people
Style of Tour: Join - group, however, you can order a personalized, PRIVATE tour with surcharge depending on your group size.
Pick - up & Drop - off  from your hotels in and around Ha Noi Old Quarter. Otherwise we will pick you up from our Meeting Point: Hidden Gem Coffee No. 3B Hang tre Street, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi (15 minutes before the tours start)
Part 1: Explore the parts - unknown of Ha Noi 
 - Riding through the maze of zigzagging backstreet and narrow alleyways & markets
 - Diving into the rivers of motorbikes and Ha Noi street symphony.
 - Travelling with all your senses heightened: Watching, Hearing, Touching, Tasting, Smelling…
 - Experiencing the GOOD, the BAD and the WEIRD of the city as it is what it is.
 - Experiencing different slides of life behind the scene, the hidden part of the iceberg, the parts unknown.
 - Meeting people where they live, work, learn and pray.
 - Building personal connections and culture exchanges.
 Part 2: Ha Noi Classical Romance & City’s highlights
 - Riding through the chronology of time in Ha Noi from the thousands year old parts to the modern parts of the city.
 - Cruising around the enchanting French Colonial Quarter, vibrant Ha Noi Old Quater.
 - Passing by the must-see highlights of Ha Noi such as Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Presidential palace, Ba Dinh square, Temple of literature, Tran Quoc temple, West lake, Truc Bach lake, HoanKiem lake, Opera House, Saint Joseph cathedral and train tracks.
 - Crossing and watching the sunset on the historical and legendary Long Bien bridge.
Parts 3: Ha Noi Food Culture Experiences
 - Savoring  7 AUTHENTIC Vietnamese dishes and Ha Noi delicacies.
 - Unique egg coffee , local moonshine, green tea, local beer…
 - All food and drinks are healthy, organic and authentic.
 - Experience the Best of Ha Noi with Ha Noi Jeep Tours Are you ready to explore Ha Noi in a unique and exciting way?
 - Join Ha Noi Jeep Tours and discover the hidden gems of the city. We begin our journey by picking you up from your hotel located in and around Ha Noi Old Quarter. Our guide and driver will greet you at your hotel lobby or a meeting point and give you a safety briefing before we begin our adventure.
 - On the first part of our Ha Noi Jeep Tours, we’ll expose you to the REAL HA NOI and give you a day - in - the - life experience of the city. We’ll take you through parts of the city that other travel companies don’t usually venture into, including maze - like backstreets, tiny alleyways, local homes, schools, random markets, and black marketplaces. You’ll get to experience where and how locals live, work, and play. At Ha Noi Backstreet Tours, we don’t just show you the good side, but also the bad and weird sides of your destination. For us, the popular tourist sites are the tip of the iceberg, and the real destinations are hidden in the parts - unknown.
 - The second part of our Ha Noi Jeep Tours takes you to the MUST-SEE places of Ha Noi, including the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, the Tran Quoc Buddhist temples, the amazing Ha Noi TRAIN-STREET, the enchanting French Quarter, the hustling and bustling Old Quarter, the romantic lakes of Hoan Kiem and West Lake, Ha Noi Opera House, and the famous Long Bien bridge, etc.
 - Finally, our tour ends with food! We’ll take you to the Hidden Gem Cafe, where you can savor the tastiest, authentic, healthy, and organic dishes of Ha Noi. We offer vegan and vegetarian options as well. Join Ha Noi Jeep Tours and experience the beauty, culture, and authentic tastes of Ha Noi.
 - Book your tour today and embark on a journey of a lifetime.
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1. Are the food and drinks included?
Yes! All food and drinks are included in our tour package. We provide Authentic, Healthy, and Organic meals & drinks that cater to all dietary requirements. Vegan and Vegetarian options are readily available.
2. Can we see Ha Noi train - street?
Absolutely! You can experience the famous Ha Noi Train - street which is included in our itinerary. Though the train street was recently closed for tourist safety, we know HOW, WHEN, WHERE & WHAT to show you to have a cup of coffee while watching the train passing by just inches away in front of you. Even if there is no train in the morning tour, we will still take you there to see the train street. If you want to see the train passing by the train - street, please take the AFTERNOON or SUNSET & NIGHT TOUR.
3. What happens if it rains?
Weather is not a concern for our Ha Noi Motorbike Tours. We conduct tours no matter the rain or sunshine. In case it rains, we do provide rain ponchos for all our riders.
4.Do we go INSIDE the tourist attractions?
- Our focus is NOT entirely on the tourist attractions. On this tour, we don’t go INSIDE the attractions, but instead, we will take you to the HIDDEN GEMS and HARD - TO - FIND places that expose the REAL Ha Noi. We spend our time taking you off the beaten path and to the less frequently visited sites, showcasing the authentic Ha Noi that you cannot discover on your own.
- During the tour, we do go by some of the highlighted landmarks where we pause for photos and then continue onwards. Our Ha Noi Motorbike Tours are catered to offer a unique experience for our guests that showcase Ha Noi from a different angle. If any attraction interests you, you can always revisit the place on your own and spend as long as you’d like.
 - Viet Nam People’s Army Legend Jeep - Uaz469 / Gaz69
 - Experienced driver
 - Rain poncho
 - English speaking guide
 - All food & drinks
 - Coffee, Juice, beer, soft - drinks


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